An intellectual property firm located in northern New Jersey, outside of New York City.


Securing Intellectual Property Rights for the Dreamers, the Innovators, and the Entrepreneurs.

Practice Areas

Patent Preparation & Prosecution

Having experience as patent examiner and attorney, we bring a unique perspective to proceedings before the U.S Patent & Trademark Office. We use this unique perspective to develop a patent procurement strategy to obtain high-quality patents at a reasonable cost.


Protecting your brand is important. Whether you are trying to settle on a mark or seeking protection for a mark you have been using, we can help. Additionally, we can offer guidance in the areas of advertising and designing your packaging.

Patent searches

Patent searching is a critical aspect at every stage of the patent process. Whether you are considering filing an application or asserting a patent, we can help find prior art. Further, we can perform searches to gain a better understanding of the patent landscape in your technological space.


Copyright has an interesting relationship with the other areas of intellectual property. We can advise on how they intertwine. Additionally, we would be happy to help obtain copyright registration on your work or draft a work-made-for-hire agreement.

Open source licenses

Every application makes use of open source licenses. We can help you comply with the notification requirements imposed by most licenses. Additionally, we can offer guidance on the best type of license to use for your code or help you draft a proprietary license.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Non-disclosure agreements (“NDAs”) are essential to any business deal. If you need a non-disclosure agreement before talking to venture capitalists, investors, or business partners, we can draft one for you. Alternatively, we can review NDAs and help negotiate fair terms.

OPinion work

Patent opinions can help you avoid costly pitfalls down the road. By identifying the open spaces and the potential risks, we can help formulate legal opinions and work with you on design arounds based on the state of the art to avoid these pitfalls.